Our key activities

We employ an inclusive approach, seeking to engage the widest possible range of stakeholders active in the public health and harm reduction arena. We want to work with people who deliver services and interventions, people who receive services and interventions, NGOs, community projects, advocacy groups, academics and policy makers. We all have things to learn from one another - and we want to help you to have the conversations that matter. 

The GPHN network oversees 4 major activities:


Information sharing

Our goal is to help the members of the network to share information about their projects, good practices and ideas and provide them access to organized and relevant materials.  We want to support NGO’s online presence and visibility. We want to help different agencies to collaborate.



Our goal is to spread knowledge and information about good practices based on evidence in harm reduction for both experts and the public.


Public events

We specialize in running public health events (domestic and international) for experts, policy makers, academics, NGO-s. We offer help and support in organizing small meetings as well as big events, conferences.  We work with some global leaders in the public health/harm reduction field 



Our network gives an opportunity to exchange ideas. We organize conferences and events and provide an online platform to exchange and promote ideas.