Key GPHN Projects and Activities

We employ an inclusive approach, seeking to engage the widest possible range of stakeholders active in the public health and harm reduction arena. We want to work with people who deliver services and interventions, people who receive services and interventions, NGOs, community projects, advocacy groups, academics and policy makers. We all have things to learn from one another - and we want to help you to have the conversations that matter.

Information Sharing

Our goal is to help the members of our network share information about their projects, good practices, and ideas, and provide them with access to organized and relevant materials. We also support the visibility and online presence of NGOs.


Our goal is to spread knowledge and information about good practices in public health, based on evidence from harm reduction, for both experts and the public.

Public Events

We specialize in supporting and running international public health events for experts, policy-makers, academics, and NGOs. We work with global leaders in the public health and harm reduction fields.


Our network gives an opportunity for our community to exchange ideas. We organize conferences and events, and provide an online platform to exchange and promote ideas.

We Are Involved in the Following Projects and Activities

AIDS2024 conference in Munich
July 22, 2024, 5:20 a.m. • Kasia Kowalczyk
Together with our SOLID colleagues, we are participating in the AIDS2024 conference in Munich

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#SOLID final meeting! 🎉
July 18, 2024, 9:49 a.m. • Kasia Kowalczyk
We are reflecting on 5 years of collaboration with our colleagues from Central Asia and China

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Visit in Central Asia
March 28, 2024, 6:01 a.m. • Kasia Kowalczyk
At the beginning of March, we spent time visiting four Central Asian countries, engaging in discussions about psychoactive substance treatment

At the beginning of March, we spent time visiting four Central Asian countries, engaging in discussions about psychoactive substance treatment services, meeting with people, and visiting NGOs. Eac...

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CHI 2021
City Health International Conference

City Health International was founded in 2012 as a network of individuals and organisations engaged in the study of, and response to, structural health issues and health behaviours in the urban environment.

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Social work and strengthening NGOs

We are pleased to announce our involvement in the ‘Social work and strengthening NGOs in development cooperation to treat drug addiction’ (SOLID) project alongside multiple European partners.

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Harm Reduction Database
Publications, knowledge base and e-learning courses

Our partner website - - collates and disseminates data and knowledge about harm reduction approaches and policies on drug use and related risks.

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Promoting Evidence-Based Public Health

GPHN supports the Harm Reduction Journal. Watch Nick Crofts, HRJ editor-in-chief, presenting at the City Health 2020 Online conference.

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Research Center
Center for Research on Biological Basis of Social Behavior

We are pleased to announce our partnership with the BBSB Center. The main goal of the centre is to use biological, including evolutionary, perspectives to explain human social behaviour.

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Research and Studies

Links to study results and recent research projects in public health.